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Stackable Rings Collection

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Stackable Rings Collection

What are Stackable Rings?

Stackable silicone rings are primarily a woman’s fashion ring. They’re thinner in nature than other silicone rings, which allows you to comfortably wear more than one per finger.

Why Should I Wear Stackable Rings?

Maybe a better question is, “Why shouldn’t you wear stackable rings?” Stackable rings have a handful of fun benefits. First of all, women’s silicone stackable rings are lightweight, flexible, and as comfortable as other women’s silicone rings. Wearing stackable rings allows you to mix and match colors and textures to create a look that’s entirely unique.

On top of that, wearing more than one ring at a time allows you to showcase your commitment to multiple things. Maybe one ring represents your commitment to fitness, another your commitment to family, and yet a third for your commitment to something else.

What if I’m not Creative?

Worried that your custom silicone stackable ring set won’t look good when paired together? Maybe you have no clue what colors play nicely with one another? Good news- QALO gives you the option to either build your own stack or choose expertly matched stacks that we create.

What’s available?

Women’s stackable silicone rings are available in multiple colors and textures. QALO offers a smooth texture, a hammered look, and even a scalloped edge. There is a beaded look, a twist, a chevron, and a popular peak design. The colors vary from classic to pastel and bold.

Quality. Athletics. Love. Outdoors. No matter what you’re committed to, we’ve got the QALO to showcase it.

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